Rattan + Gem Phone Grips

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An amazing collection of Rattan + Gems.  

Each Gem has amazing healing qualities for your heart, mind + soul.  

HIMALAYAN SALT : Believed to help one experience self-love and to take action to do things that self-love implies

AMETHYST : Believed to absorb + emit far-infrared radiation which can be physically beneficial, easing pain, improving circulation + inhibiting bacterial growth

TURQUOISE : Believed to help heal the heart from emotional wounds and infuse your aura with the energy of love + kindness

TOURMALINE : Believed to help dispel negative energy, balances + aligns all the chakras, stabilizing mood swings + instills inner calm

EMERALD : Believed to heal + activate the heart chakra, bringing love, compassion, acceptance and the courage to follow your hearts path