Baked in the Woods Candle

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Imagine yourself walking through a forest, with rich pines completely surrounding you. As you make your way on the faint path, you begin to smell something wonderful.  It's so subtle at first that you wonder if your mind has played a trick on you.  But as you continue down the path, the smell gets stronger, way in the distance you can also see a rustic log cabin with smoke pouring out of the chimney.  This must be where the wonderful scent is coming from.  And as you draw near, you see it in the window,  a beautiful, flaky, apple pie.  With the aroma of this pie drawing you closer and closer, you wonder just how juicy and sweet this apple pie is.  You are in luck!  The owners of the cabin, see you wandering the forest and offer you a slice.  As you sit on their porch, with this warm apple pie in hand, the breeze sweeps a fresh scent of pine your way.  You have never felt more comfortable and happy in your life.  


All natural, clean burning soy wax.  
A combination of 100% pure essential oils and non-toxic phthalate free fragrance
Items foraged from the forests. 


Baked in the Woods is available in 4 different sizes. 
-8oz. metal tin 3.15"D x 2" Tall (available with cotton wick or wood wick)
-4oz. metal tin 2.5"D x 1.625" Tall (available with cotton wick or wood wick)
-2oz. metal tin 2"D x 1.375" Tall (available with cotton wick only)
-Tea Lights 37.5mm D x 15mm Tall (available in a 6 pack with cotton wick only)

Wicking/Burn Time

Pure cotton wicks with paper.
Wood Wicks made from eco friendly fruit trees from North America.  They provide a tantalizing crackling sound while producing little carbon buildup, debris, and soot

Burn Times coming soon. 

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Amazing smell! Just doesn't burn

Amazing smell! Just doesn't burn properly. When it burns the wick doesn't stay lit and it creates a tunnel so half of it goes to waste.